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FAQs | Edge sky Lantern banner

Do you offer trade accounts?

Here at Edge Building Products we do offer trade accounts – it is easy to register for one and there are a number of benefits. You can check out more quickly, save multiple shipping addresses and also track your orders.

We also offer payment options for our customers. You can pay by card online through our secure payment portal or you can call the sales office on 0345 021 3333. With a trade account you can also open a monthly credit account. This is subject to status but if you call our team, we can discuss this with you and take you through the process.

Our number one priority is customer service and we aim to deliver this through our trade accounts.

Where do you have trade counters?

We have three trade counters where you can source your building supplies and materials from:

Each is conveniently located and offers accessible opening times so they work around you. You can get onsite support, advice on the right products for your project and also help with scheduling to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Do you stock external cladding in Chichester?

We stock a range of different external cladding products at all of our trade counters, including Chichester. These include composite exterior cladding, fibre cement cladding, Fortex cladding and other products you may need such as PVC cladding trims. If you need to work out how much cladding you need to buy, take a look at our Fortex cladding calculator. You can also see how it would look on your project with our handy Fortex cladding visualiser. As with all of our products, if there is something specific you are looking for or you need to check a specification with us, our team is always happy to help. Simply get in touch and we can provide the answers or support you need.

What is EDGESky?

EDGEsky is our range of roof glazing products. This includes a roof lantern and a flat glass rooflight, both of which are perfect to bring light to a room. We’ve produced a helpful guide to explain what each of these offer, to help you decide or explain which is best for your project. Our roof lanterns and rooflights both work on a flat roof and offer a sleek and contemporary look. The lantern has minimal rafters to maximise the light it lets through, and the rooflight has no intermediate bars, sitting out of sight and offering an uninterrupted view through to the sky. The EDGEsky range performs to the highest standards and not only do they work well and look good, but they are also simple and quick to install.


What support do you offer in your Croydon trade counter?

We offer the same level of support in all of our trade counters. If you are in Croydon and you need help or guidance in selecting a product or calculating figures, we can support you with this. We also provide support with scheduling as we understand that timing is crucial with every project and you don’t want to be held up by an outstanding product. It is our mission to provide exceptional support to all of our trade customers. We have set out what this really means but it all revolves around putting our customers first. So if you are looking for expertise with building supplies, low maintenance products and competitive prices, Edge is the business to go to.

What composite decking do you supply?

We stock two different composite decking ranges to provide the different looks you might be searching for: Classic, which offers a more contemporary look, and also Signature, a timeless woodgrain style. These decking ranges are long-lasting and require much less maintenance. Both of the 3m composite decking board styles we offer won’t rot, they don’t need to be stained or treated and they are non-slip and splinter-proof. This means they are perfect for a range of settings – from residential family homes through to public sector buildings.

What building supplies do you stock in Horsham?

Our full range of building supplies can be found at our Horsham location. This includes cladding, fascias and soffits, roof lanterns, composite doors, composite decking and double glazing. We are always happy to help if you are looking for something specific so just call ahead on 01403 218877. Our staff will also be on hand at the trade counter so if you want to turn up, then it is open from 7 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Do you stock Flat Glass Rooflights?

Yes, Edge stocks Flat Glass Rooflights in a range of sizes. Click Here to see the sizes we stock.

 What size are the upstands on flat glass rooflights / roof lanterns? (thickness and height)

Flat glass rooflight – 85mm thick x 150mm from finished roof, kerb to be set on 5 degree pitch, measurements are take from the internal timber to determine size of FGRL. (excluding plasterboard)

Lantern – 70mm thick or more x 150mm from finished roof – kerb should be level.

What is your leadtime for PVC windows?

For standard colour windows, please allow 4-6 weeks from ordering to delivery. For non-standard colours, please enquire for leadtime [email protected].

Can I have trims sprayed in any RAL colour?

Yes, any of our standard white trims, fascias, soffits, cladding and accessories can be sprayed to any BS or RAL colour. Any of our white woodgrain foiled products (textured) can be sprayed to any BS or RAL colour.. Lead time is normally within 1 – 2 weeks of confirmed order.

Click here for more information on our special colour trim spraying service.

How do you install the Flat Glass Rooflight?

We have a detailed guide to help you install your flat glass rooflight – Click here to download

How do I find out if my windows are energy efficient?

Ask a member of our bespoke team ([email protected]) and they’ll be able to provide you with the energy efficiency documents relating to your order. Also, check out our page on the new Partedge b L regulations

Can I have fascia and soffit delivered on courier?

Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of this product, we are reluctant to send this on courier in full 5m lengths. if we are able to cut in half, we will package it as well as possible and send it out. If they cannot be cut down, although we will do everything we can to ensure a safe arrival to you, unfortunately we are unable to take liability should any damage occur.

Should I get a supply and fit windows contract or buy from merchant and organise separate fitter?

Getting a supply and fit windows contract does seem more straightforward and indeed can be a lot less stressful, however the package will be more expensive for you and you often have to wait for the fitting to be booked in.
Buying from a merchant (like Edge!) and having window fitting skills yourself, will save you time and money – and if you don’t want to fit them yourself, we can reccomend fitters – thus saving you labour costs!
If you would like us to quote for your windows, please email your requirements to [email protected]

Are you open on weekends?

We like to give our staff a break on weekends, so we aren’t open – but we are open Monday – Friday, 7:00am to 4:30pm!

Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes! As long as your order is placed before 3pm on the day before your required delivery.

Can I return Hardie Plank boards?

Unfortunately, due to the fragility of the boards, we are unable to accept returns.

How do I design my own front door?

We have a design portal for our composite doors. Just click here and the portal will appear, fill in your your design requirements as your scroll down the page and then click ‘add to quote’ – this will ensure that your design is emailed through to us so we can get a price back to you!

Can uPVC building products get damaged in hot weather?

During the hot weather remember to store your uPVC products in cool, shaded locations indoors and outdoors.

This will prevent heat related product damage whilst in its plastic packaging.

When plastic products are left in direct sunlight in their protective packaging, the temperature inside can exceed 70°C due to the packaging insulating the heat.

70°C is close to the softening temperature of uPVC and can lead to product damage. This is applicable to all uPVC products industry-wide.

NB This advice also applies to uPVC lengths and uPVC corners/joints/fittings.

Do I need to get planning permission before installing a roof light?

The majority of buildings are able to have rooflights installed without planning permission – most alterations to roofs are in the permitted development bracket. There are some limitations however, so be sure to look these up before you begin the project!

Do Edge roof lanterns come pre-constructed or in kit form?

Our lanterns come in kit form, but they are incredibly simple to put together – especially when using our lantern installation guide!

Do Edge Bifolds come already contructed or in kit form?

If you have purchased a Korniche bifold, you can specify if you would like it in kit form or pre-constructed. However, Origin bifolds only come in kit form.

What is the prize for getting the Installation of the Month award?

If you win the Installation of the Month award, we will give you a £25 amazon voucher and certificate alongside some of our other freebies. As well as the award, we’ll tag you in our social media posts about your winning project!

Which adhesive is best for installing Orac decorative cornice and covings?

The best adhesive to use for Orac Decor is Orac’s own DecoFix products – Orac Deco Fix Extra Joint Glue and Orac Deco Fix Power Coving Adhesive.

Does Edge supply shaped frames?

Yes! we can supply bespoke shaped frames – round, gable and apex and plenty of other designs

Can Edge deliver nationwide?

Yes, we can – however there are a few products that we can only deliver to our green or amber delivery areas

What is the Britmet Liteslate Rooftiles Guarantee?

Brimet tiles have a 40 year guarantee.

Which Uniwipes does Edge sell?

At Edge, we sell the below wipes:

Uniwipe Ultragrime Huge Wipes Pack 100

Ultragrime Huge Wipes Power Scrub Pack 100

Ultragrime Huge Wipes Anti-Bac Pack 100

What Bi-fold doors do Edge sell?

Our range of aluminium bi-fold doors consists of:

You can view range of bifolds at our Chichester Showroom

Are Britmet Liteslate Roof tiles fire rated?

Yes, Liteslate tiles are BS476-3 fire rated

What is the U Value of a Flat Glass Rooflight?

The thermally broken aluminium frame, 20mm warm edge spacer bar and argon gas sealed glass unit all help the overall product to achieve the fantastic U Value of 1.3 w/m2k.

Can you buy Composite Doors from Edge Building Products?

Yes you can! You can read about our range here, and contact [email protected] with any queries or quote requests.

What is the ‘Bespoke Department’ at Edge?

The Bespoke Department looks after all your rooflight, window and door enquiries and orders. You can contact them with your query at [email protected]

How long do I have to redeem my Edge rewards?

Your reward from 2022 spend will be valid until 31st March 2023.

How can I make sure I install my bifold doors properly?

Head over to our blog on installing bifold doors! We’ve covered all the potential issues and a solution to each.

Do you sell metal guttering?

Yes, we have aluminium and steel guttering ranges available.

Should I get Plastic underground drainage?

Yes! There are many benefits to installing PVC underground drainage – check out this blog to find out more!

How thick are polycarbonate sheets at Edge?

At Edge, we supply 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm thick polycarbonate sheets – plus, the 2mm solid sheets.

Are Lantern Rooflights better than lean-tos or conservatories?

Our roof glazing systems provide a great way to bring natural light into your home or workspace, providing a bright and welcoming environment that can enhance your quality of life and increase productivity. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which type of roof glazing to install. We’ve produced a blog to help you find out why a lantern rooflight may be the best choice for your project. You can read it HERE.

What is a Glazed Wall or Curtain Wall?

Glazed walls are normally floor to ceiling walls that are made up of glass panels that allow natural light to enter a building while also providing thermal insulation.

For more information: Check out our blog on Glazed wall systems.

Does Edge sell Window and Door hardware?

Yes we can supply you with door knockers, spyholes, lock cylinders, cabin hooks and much more! Explore our range here

Do you have any recommended PVC cleaners or solvents for maintenance and repair?

We have a wide range of cleaning products that are created for PVC use – check out our range here

Can I get Fortex cladding in anthracite grey?

YES! We’re pleased to say we now supply anthracite grey Fortex cladding!

What are the dimensions of the Shadow Gap Cladding board?

Shadow Gap boards come in 5m lengths and are 182mm wide.

Does Edge Building Products supply Residence windows?

Yes, we do! The Residence Collection is an excellent glazing brand we are proud to supply. Their windows are a clever blend of traditional style with all the modern requirements met. Residence 9 and Residence 7 are the most popular ranges we sell – you can read more about them here.

How can I find out if my windows are energy-efficient?

You’re welcome to contact our bespoke team to find out the energy ratings of our different windows. Email:[email protected]

Also – check out our blog on the importance of energy efficiency.

Any tips on how to keep windows and doors in good condition?

Yes! You’ll be pleased to know that all of the windows we supply boast low maintenance benefits  – but take a look at this blog for more information on window maintenance.

Does Edge supply Anthracite Grey Cladding?

Yes – all of our cladding ranges are available in Anthracite Grey.